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Blitline Source:

Blitline has released the working code (the entirety of the code that executes as Blitline jobs) on Blitlines cloud servers in order to adhere to the GPL and the more strict AGPL languages set forth by many of the libraries used by Ubuntu and other open source projects. This Blitline source code is licensed under the AGPL license:

GNU Affero General Public License (

The source code provided in this repository represents the entirety of the Blitline code that runs as workers on Blitline machines. This is the very code we deploy to our servers. There is no other code that interacts with images or image/vector libraries.

If you wish to use this Blitline code contained in this repository, you will need to adhere to the above mentioned license.


Blitline does not agree to provide any support for installing or configuring the source code available here. If you wish to purchase support you can write us at So, in leue of trying to navigate the complex environment of open source licensing, we are just as happy to open-source our code for all to use as they want. We have nothing to hide in our code, nor do we think it's so 'special' that we need to keep it private, so... here it is. We are just a group of developers trying to provide a useful service at a cheap and reasonable price to other developers.

Blitline Service:

The Blitline image processing service does not add any 'new' code or functionality to existing open source image projects. Anything Blitline does is available for free and you could do on your own. The value and cost of Blitline comes in the form of a managed service, smart defaults and fallbacks, as well as a convenient and 'living' update and monitoring service, and the shared cost of hosting said services.

In simple terms, we don't write image processing code, and there are many open source and image/vector processing libraries you can use for free. Blitline only provides machines and monitoring/scaling in response to load as well as IT related updates (security and functional). Much like Amazon doesn't provide operating systems, but rather the management and operation of those machines the operating systems run on. Blitline provides the economy of scale and shared resources.

Libraries Installed on Blitline Machines

  • Ubuntu (18.04)+, and software installed by default therein
  • ImageMagick - License(
  • LibreOffice(MPLv2.0)
  • Inkscape License(GPL)
  • XPdf Reader - License(GPL)
  • Pngquant - License(BSD)
  • Pdftk - License(GPL)
  • Poppler - License(GPL)
  • Ghostscript - License(AGPL)
  • Gifsicle - License(GPL)
  • Apache Tika - License(Apache License Version 2.0)
  • Apache Batik - License(Apache License Version 2.0)
  • Exiv2 - License(GPL)
  • DCRaw - License(GPLv2+)
  • PNGQuant - License(GPLv3)
  • Chromium - License(BSD 3-clause)
  • FFMPEG - License(LGPL version 2.1)


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