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⚡️Framework for building monolithic, full-stack, serverless React apps with zero data-fetching and zero client-side state management
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Blitz.js ⚡️

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Framework for building monolithic, full-stack React apps without building an API.

The central thesis for Blitz is most apps don't need a REST or GraphQL API. Blitz brings back the simplicity of server rendered frameworks like Ruby on Rails while preserving everything we love about React.

What is Blitz Designed For?

Blitz is designed for tiny to large database-backed applications that have one or more graphical user interfaces.

Web support will be released first, followed by React Native. We are pursuing the dream of a single monolithic application that runs on web and mobile with maximum code sharing and minimal boilerplate.

What are the Foundational Principles?

  1. Fullstack & Monolithic
  2. API Not Required
  3. Convention over Configuration
  4. Loose Opinions
  5. Easy to Start, Easy to Scale
  6. Stability
  7. Community over Code

The Blitz Manifesto explains these principles in detail.

👉 View the Architecture RFC for exact details on what a Blitz app looks like 👈

Welcome to the Blitz Community 👋

The Blitz community is warm, safe, diverse, inclusive, and fun! LGBTQ+, women, and minorities are especially welcome. Please read our Code of Conduct.

You are invited to join us — let’s build the future of web dev together! 🤝

  1. Join the Blitz Slack Community
  2. If you're interested in helping, read The Contributing Guide

Sponsors and Donations

Sponsor Blitz and display your logo and hiring status here. This is a great way to get in front of early adopters! See options on Open Collective


Thanks to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Brandon Bayer

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Michael Edelman


Dylan Brookes

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Rudi Yardley

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Todd Geist


Beata Obrok


Tahir Awan


Camilo Gonzalez


Daniel Kempner




Jeremy Liberman


Jim Cummins


Kristina Matuška


Robert Rosenberg


Jason Blalock


Corey Brown






Rishabh Poddar


Adam Markon


Lorenzo Rapetti


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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