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👋 Welcome to the Blitz Public Wiki!

This is a public place to post links, resources, tutorials, open-source Blitz apps, apps made with Blitz, etc. Please add whatever you want that's related to Blitz! You can create new categories if needed.


      Blitz for Windows

      Blitz for Mac

🌍 International Communities

📦 Packages/Libraries

  • blitz-guard - Centralized, permission-based authorization

🏛 Architectural Patterns (feel free to add new wiki pages for specific patterns/examples)

🏗 Made With Blitz (include link to repo if open-source)

  • GitNation Portal - Explore all GitNation conference talks and workshops
  • Tansy - See exactly how your new monthly mortgage or car payment fits into your future cash flow.
  • Mensaje - A small app to do company-wide announcements over Slack (source code)
  • Mr. Gamble - One of the larger sites for finding online casinos
  • Budg - The tool you need to track your subscriptions
  • Combox - All your Instagram comments, in one easy to manage feed.
  • Dweet - A quality recruiting service for the luxury & fashion industry.
  • Fungarzione — The Changelog Of The Future (Kitze's new app)
  • Lure Masters - We offer you to challenge yourself to compete in exciting online fishing tournaments and win great prizes!
  • Quirrel - Job Queueing for Next.js/Blitz.js x Vercel (source code)
  • Eminate - Slack app that automates communication and visualizes information flows within a company.
  • Homeschool Boss - Standardized testing for homeschool students
  • — Plex anime scrobbler (source code)
  • Long term visas - A platform for people to discover countries they can relocate/immigrate to.
  • Word Anthakshari - A multiplayer game testing your knowledge of words in a category, like world countries. Users are able to create their own lists.
  • Hyperlocal - A listing of apps, services, products and communities made by Singaporeans

🎤 Podcasts

🎥 Conference Talks

📹 Meetup Talks

🕹 Livestreams

👩‍🏫 Tutorials/Courses

✏️ Misc Blog Posts