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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;; Copyright (c) 2008 Julian Stecklina
;;; This file is part of CL-DBUS. Look into LICENSE for license terms.
(in-package :blitz.desktop.dbus)
(defun map-user-cookie-file (context fn)
"Call fn with all cookies in the given DBUS context. `fn' is given
the cookie ID, the cookie creation time in seconds since the UNIX
epoch and the cookie itself (as string of hex digits)."
(with-open-file (cookie-stream (merge-pathnames (make-pathname :directory '(:relative ".dbus-keyrings")
:name context)
for line = (read-line cookie-stream nil nil)
while line
do (destructuring-bind (cookie-id-str cookie-creation-str cookie-hex-str)
(cl-ppcre:split "\\s" line)
(funcall fn
(parse-integer cookie-id-str)
(parse-integer cookie-creation-str)
(defun random-challenge (&optional (length 16))
(loop with array = (make-array length :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
for i from 0 below length
do (setf (aref array i) (random 256))
finally (return array)))
(defun try-cookie-sha1-auth (stream)
;; Send the username we want to authenticate as.
(let ((user (file-author (user-homedir-pathname))))
(assert (stringp user) (user) "Couldn't find out username?! USER is not set.")
(format-crlf stream "AUTH DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1 ~A"
(string-to-hex-string user)))
(finish-output stream)
;; The server sends the name of its "cookie context", a
;; space character; the integer ID of the secret cookie the client
;; must demonstrate knowledge of; a space character; then a
;; hex-encoded randomly-generated challenge string.
(destructuring-bind (response &optional data)
(read-line-and-split stream)
(when (string/= response "DATA")
(error "Got unexpected result: ~A ~A" response data))
(destructuring-bind (context secret-cookie-id-str hex-challenge-str)
(cl-ppcre:split "\\s" (babel:octets-to-string (parse-hex-string data)
:encoding :ascii))
(let ((secret-cookie-id (parse-integer secret-cookie-id-str)))
;; Try to find the requested cookie.
(let ((cookie-data-str (block data
(lambda (cookie-id creation-time cookie-data-str)
(declare (ignore creation-time))
(when (= cookie-id secret-cookie-id)
(return-from data cookie-data-str))))
(error "Invalid cookie id from server."))))
;; We've found our cookie. Now
;; digest and and be done with
;; it. :)
(let ((my-challenge-str (octets-to-hex-string (random-challenge))))
(let* ((hashed-str (format nil "~A:~A:~A"
(digest (octets-to-hex-string (ironclad:digest-sequence :sha1
;; Format our answer
(format-crlf stream "DATA ~A20~A"
(string-to-hex-string my-challenge-str)
(string-to-hex-string digest)))
(finish-output stream))))))
;; Now check if we get a positive reply.
(destructuring-bind (response . rest)
(read-line-and-split stream)
((string= response "OK")
;; Yay, we are authenticated. REST containts the hex-encoded
;; server GUID, but I guess we don't need that.
((string= response "REJECTED")
(format t "~&DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1 authentication failed:~{ ~A~}" rest)
(error "Unexpected reply from DBUS server: ~A~{ ~A~}" response rest)))))
;;; EOF