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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;; Copyright (c) 2008 Julian Stecklina
;;; This file is part of CL-DBUS. Look into LICENSE for license terms.
(in-package :blitz.desktop.dbus)
(defvar *name-to-type* (make-hash-table))
(defstruct dbus-type
name char alignment)
(defmethod print-object ((o dbus-type) s)
(if *print-readably*
(print-unreadable-object (o s :type t :identity nil)
(format s "~A(~A)" (dbus-type-name o) (dbus-type-alignment o)))))
(eval-when (:load-toplevel :compile-toplevel :execute)
(defmacro define-dbus-type (name type-char alignment)
`(setf (gethash ',type-char *name-to-type*)
(make-dbus-type :name ',name
:char ',type-char
:alignment ',alignment))))
(define-dbus-type boolean #\b 4)
(define-dbus-type uint8 #\y 1)
(define-dbus-type int16 #\n 2)
(define-dbus-type uint16 #\q 2)
(define-dbus-type int32 #\i 4)
(define-dbus-type uint32 #\u 4)
(define-dbus-type int64 #\x 8)
(define-dbus-type uint64 #\t 8)
(define-dbus-type double #\d 8)
(define-dbus-type string #\s 4)
(define-dbus-type signature #\g 1)
(define-dbus-type object-path #\o 4)
(define-dbus-type variant #\v 1)
;; (define-dbus-type struct #\r 8 dbus-compound-type)
;; (define-dbus-type array #\a 4 dbus-compound-type)
;; (define-dbus-type dict-entry #\e 8 dbus-compound-type)
(defgeneric marshall (type object vector start)
(:documentation "Marshalls OBJECT (interpreted as TYPE) into
VECTOR (starting at START). Returns VECTOR and an index pointing
after the written data. VECTOR is destructively modified!"))
(defun dbus-write-byte (vector byte start &optional (repeat 1))
"Writes BYTE REPEAT-times into VECTOR starting at START. Returns the
new position in VECTOR."
(iter (repeat repeat)
(for i upfrom 0)
(setf (aref vector (+ start i)) byte))
(+ start repeat))
(defun dbus-write-sequence (destination source start)
"Writes SOURCE into DESTINATION (both vectors) starting at
START. Returns the new position in DESTINATION."
(when (> (+ (length source) start)
(length destination))
(error "Vector too small."))
(setf (subseq destination start) source)
(+ start (length source)))
;; (defmethod marshall :around ((type dbus-type) object vector start)
;; ;; Alignment is handled in this around method.
;; (let* ((alignment (alignment-of type))
;; (mod (nth-value 1 (truncate start alignment))))
;; (format t "~A ~A~%" alignment mod)
;; (values
;; (call-next-method type object vector
;; (dbus-write-byte vector 0 start
;; (mod (- alignment mod) alignment)))
;; vector)))
;; (defmethod marshall ((type dbus-boolean) object vector start)
;; (dbus-write-sequence vector
;; (if object
;; #+ little-endian #(1 0 0 0)
;; #+ big-endian #(0 0 0 1)
;; #(0 0 0 0))
;; start))
;;; TODO Parse signature string into list of dbus-type structures.
;;; How to represent arrays and structs?
;;; TODO
;;; EOF