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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;; Copyright (c) 2008 Julian Stecklina
;;; This file is part of CL-DBUS. Look into LICENSE for license terms.
(in-package :blitz.desktop.dbus)
(defun read-line-crlf (stream)
"Read a line terminated with a CR/LF pair."
(let ((line (read-line stream)))
(assert (char= #\Return
(char line (1- (length line)))))
;; Using displaced arrays instead of subseq does not seem to offer
;; any advantages on SBCL.
(subseq line 0 (1- (length line)))))
(defun format-crlf (stream fmt &rest args)
(format stream "~?~C~C" fmt args #\Return #\Newline))
(defun octets-to-hex-string (octets)
(string-downcase (format nil "~{~2,'0X~}" (coerce octets 'list))))
(defun string-to-hex-string (string)
(octets-to-hex-string (babel:string-to-octets string :encoding :ascii)))
;;; Hex string handling
(defun read-line-and-split (stream)
(cl-ppcre:split "\\s" (read-line-crlf stream)))
(defun parse-hex-string (string)
(declare (type string string))
(assert (evenp (length string)))
(iter (with output = (make-array (truncate (length string) 2)
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8)))
(for out-pos from 0 below (truncate (length string) 2))
(declare (type fixnum out-pos))
(flet ((dc (index)
(let ((c (digit-char-p (char string index) 16)))
(or c
(error "Bogus string")))))
(declare (inline dc))
(setf (aref output out-pos)
(logand #xFF
(logior (ash (dc (* out-pos 2)) 4)
(dc (1+ (* out-pos 2)))))))
(finally (return output)) ))
;;; EOF