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Added description on how to setup your own DBUS test server.

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whatever. Please coordinate your effort with js at alien8 dot de or
use github's communication methods to reach me.
+* Setting up a D-Bus server to play with
+Verbose mode is disabled in production builds of dbus, so you need to
+compile your own dbus-daemon. Grab the source and build it with
+verbose mode enabled via something like:
+ git clone git://
+ cd dbus ; sh
+ ./configure --enable-verbose-mode --enable-asserts --prefix=$HOME/local
+ make && make install
+Now you can start it via:
+ DBUS_VERBOSE=1 ~/local/bin/dbus-daemon --session --print-address
+It prints a lot of debug chatter. Near the end is the session address,
+which looks something like:
+ unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-9ucTJli40r,guid=bc23bec2cc2ae2bd45f1477b4b5f6f3d
+Pass this string to DBUS-CONNECT.
* Some notes
** Implementation-specific code

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