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⚙️🔧 CLI tool and scripting library to create, automate, and enhance Javascript applications
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For documentation + guides visit our website

Blix Cli is a multi use tool for

  1. Creating applications
  2. Adding tools to existing applications
  3. Automating common tasks
  4. Generating custom files
  5. Enchancing developer productivity.

Blix works to provide a pleasant, rapid development experience by leveraging convention + configuration.

Currently Blix focuses on Javasript projects - React, Vue, Express, etc. But in the future expect it to expand to much more.


System requirements: Blix requires Node version 8 or above.

To install Blix globally:

npm install -g blix
# OR
yarn global add blix

Blix commands:

  blix new
  blix add
  blix scripts
  blix generate | g
  blix notes
  blix do
  blix help
  blix version | -v

Quick Start: Build a new project from scratch:

To create a new project with Blix without installing it you can use npx to try it out!

npx blix new

You will then be prompted on what you need for your new project.

For more in-depth walkthroughs check out these quick start examples on our website:

New Default Project

[Add Redux/React-Router to Create-React-App](

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