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Object manager


A JavaScript library that handles serialization and deserialization of objects, preserving reference integrity. Ideal for storing a complex data structure as JSON.


var a = {aString: 'hello', aNumber: 12.3, aBool: true,
         anArray: [1, 2, [3, 4]], anObject: {anotherObject: {
         hello: 'world', iAm: 1337}}},
    b = {referenceToArray: a.anArray, referenceToA: a,
         referenceToSubObject: a.anObject.anotherObject,
         anotherString: 'weeee'},
    c = {references: [a, b]},
    d = [a, b, c];

// Create an ObjectManager instance and register variables a, b, c and
// d.
var manager = new ObjectManager();
manager.register(a, 'a');
manager.register(b, 'b');
manager.register(c, 'c');
manager.register(d, 'd');

// Serialize and deserialize the registered objects.
var serialized = manager.serialize();
var deserialized = ObjectManager.deserialize(serialized);

// (Support for the console object required)
// Shows the instances before and after serialization as well as the
// serialized version of the data.
    before: [a, b, c, d],
    intermediate: serialized,
    after: [deserialized.get('a'), deserialized.get('b'),
            deserialized.get('c'), deserialized.get('d')]

The above example is probably not a practical use case. In a real project, you would probably convert the result of manager.serialize() to JSON, store it somewhere, then later retrieve it and parse it, and call ObjectManager.deserialize(...) with the resulting object.

MIT license

This project is licensed under an MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Andreas Blixt

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