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== Cover art images ==
Show cover art in the queue.

== Facebook integration ==
Allow app to create Facebook event, invite users and post with a link to
Spartify. The goal is to get people to start creating the playlist before the
party starts.

== EchoNest suggestions ==
In addition to searching, suggest tracks (seeded with the play history of the
party) to the user with high danceability.

== Add songs via Twitter ==
Grab tweets mentioning the event/to @spartify, use echonest API to figure out
song and add it to play queue.

== Multiple hosts ==
Support several hosts so that people can have devices on several rooms or even
locations playing in sync.

== Small UX improvements ==
- Clear button on search
- Allow host/master to remove tracks
- Pre-cache with "browse only" flag or track sets
- Detect unplayable tracks
- Make it easier to see most recently added tracks when there are many tracks
  in the queue
- Show a history of played tracks
- Provide a way to export the party music as a playlist
- Implement Channel API to make UI more responsive
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