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A webapp for letting people write stories, paragraph by paragraph, collaboratively!
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Storyteller is a web app for collaboratively writing stories being developed in Python for Google App Engine. The app is available at

If you want to contribute, please see the wave discussing future development of Storyteller. For access, contact Andreas Blixt (

Getting started

How to get a newly cloned version up and running in a local development environment.


  1. Python 2.5
  2. Google App Engine SDK for Python
  3. Django 1.1


  1. Copy src/app.yaml.template to src/app.yaml and change the application identifier (example by default)
  2. Copy src/storyteller/ to src/storyteller/ and change the configuration as desired
  3. Run the application on the development server


The Storyteller application does everything through a controller which communicates with the data layer. All the public methods of the controller are accessible using HTTP requests. Examples:

Currently, no authentication is needed, but once it starts getting abused, that will be implemented in one form or another.

For more information, look in the controller code.


GNU General Public License

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