Generating zsh completion function from getopt-style help text.
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Generating zsh completion function from getopt-style help text.


Writing completion functions is boring, plus they deprecate when the software updates the CLI. This plugin tries to read the list of options from the help text of the program and generate a completion function automatically.

It's a best-effort service, not guaranteed to work in all cases. Completion functions already defined (and are therefore more thought out) are not overridden by this plugin.

How to install

Using antigen

After installing antigen put antigen bundle RobSis/zsh-completion-generator into your .zshrc.


  • Download the script or clone this repository:

    $ cd ~/.zsh/

    $ git clone git://

  • Source the script before compinit in your ~/.zshrc:

    source $HOME/.zsh/zsh-completion-generator/zsh-completion-generator.plugin.zsh



Custom zsh completion folder

If you want to use a different folder than the default one for completion files, you can export the GENCOMPL_FPATH variable before sourcing the plugin :

$ GENCOMPL_FPATH = $HOME/.zsh/complete
$ source $HOME/.zsh/zsh-completion-generator/zsh-completion-generator.plugin.zsh

Custom python version

If you ant to use a specific python interpreter name, you can export the GENCOMPL_PY variable before sourcing the plugin :

$ GENCOMPL_PY = python2
$ source $HOME/.zsh/zsh-completion-generator/zsh-completion-generator.plugin.zsh

Please note that currently python 3 is not supported.

How to use

You must edit the plugin to change the list of programs, or you can generate them from the shell:

$ gencomp nl
$ source ~/.zshrc
$ nl -[TAB]