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The Enterprise Ethereum platform.

Epirus provides everything you need to deploy, run and integrate with a blockchain in production.

This repository contains a bundled distribution of some of the core components of the platform making it really straight-forwards to run the plaform locally and start developing decentralised apps (DApps) on the blockchain.

Please contact us if If you'd like to use the full version of the platform that includes on premise/cloud/SaaS deployments, integrated authentication and support services.

Getting started

The fastest way to start the whole software stack is to run the below script. You will need Docker installed.

git clone https://github.com/blk-io/epirus.git
cd epirus

It spins up a 4 node Quorum network using Crux as the secure enclave communicating over gRPC and brings up the Blockchain Explorer to view all the transactions.

alt text

The node endpoints are as follows:

Name Quorum node address Account key Private transaction node key
quorum1 http://localhost:22001 0xed9d02e382b34818e88b88a309c7fe71e65f419d BULeR8JyUWhiuuCMU/HLA0Q5pzkYT+cHII3ZKBey3Bo=
quorum2 http://localhost:22002 0xca843569e3427144cead5e4d5999a3d0ccf92b8e QfeDAys9MPDs2XHExtc84jKGHxZg/aj52DTh0vtA3Xc=
quorum3 http://localhost:22003 0x0fbdc686b912d7722dc86510934589e0aaf3b55a 1iTZde/ndBHvzhcl7V68x44Vx7pl8nwx9LqnM/AfJUg=
quorum4 http://localhost:22004 0x9186eb3d20cbd1f5f992a950d808c4495153abd5 oNspPPgszVUFw0qmGFfWwh1uxVUXgvBxleXORHj07g8=

To stop the all the docker containers, use:


The first time you run the script it will take a number of minutes to start up as Docker images need to be downloaded.