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An unfinished D binding for the Bullet Physics Engine
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BulletD is a project to create a D binding for the Bullet Physics engine.

Project status

Only a very small subset of the Bullet API is bound, and the binding mechanism still has a few rough edges, but what's there kind of works.

Current goals

  • Finish Windows support
  • Bind enough classes/methods for the Bullet "Hello, world" demo to work

Supported platforms

Currently, only Linux is supported, but the code might also work on other Unix-like systems. Windows support is in progress.

Build process

Code generation occurs in three major phases:

  1. Generate gen_b.d
  2. Generate files for extern(C) methods, bullet/bindings/glue.d (on Windows), and gen_c.d
  3. Generate bullet/bindings/sizes.d, which contains sizes of the C++ classes

Sometime during the generation process, all.d files are generated for each package to simplify imports.

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