My Race Schedule Spreadsheets to plan out my training runs
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Half Marathon Training Schedule Spring 2017.xls
Marathon Training Schedule Fall 2017.xls

Bernie's Race Scheduling Spreadsheets

This repository contains two Excel spreadsheets to plan out my running schedule for long distance running.

The question I have when I am interested in running a long distance race is: do I have enough time to get ready for it? In the past, to figure that out took me too much time by hand. To fix that, I developed these spreadsheets.

Each spreadsheet has three worksheets (or Tabs, as some people call them):

  1. Calendar = this is the actual schedule you will follow
  2. Data = this is the secret sauce. You fill in the date of your long distance race here, and the Calendar worksheet will tell you how many miles you need to run every calendar week to meet your goal of being ready for the long distance race.
  3. Notes = this worksheet gives details on the spreadsheet, such as how I came up with how many miles to run each week

To use these spreadsheets, download them, open them up, and Enable Macros. (I know, enabling macros can be dangerous, but these are necessary to calculate the schedule). Once the spreadsheet is open, go and fill out the Data worksheet and then review the schedule worksheet.

Now you know if you can get ready for a half marathon or marathon!

Good luck!