Script for converting PDF to EPS images on OS X
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Want to automatically convert a few PDF files to EPS? Turns out there's various programs to try that each give a slightly different result... With that in mind here's a bash script that tries a few methods allowing you to find which works for your file (OS X specific). Current methods attempted:

  1. Inkscape
  1. ImageMagick
  • Install with homebrew: brew install imagemagick
  • Nightmarish results
  1. ghostscript
  • Install with homebrew: brew install ghostscript
  • Good conversion + respects PDF bounding
  1. pdftops
  • Part of xpdf
  • Similar decent results to ghostscript


./pdf2eps example_file.pdf


Other than those above, GNU tools should be installed (e.g. grealpath). Install these with homebrew:

brew install coreutils