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RandIP is a Network Mapper, which helps find servers across the vast IoT
Nim Python Shell
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snap preparing sshTest for use with masscan Jul 30, 2019
.gitignore census update May 16, 2019
LICENSE updates Apr 4, 2019 New ideas Feb 26, 2019 Added ssh:all for an SSH only trial Apr 8, 2019

RandIP 1.9.3

RandIP is a nim application that generates random IP address's and uses sockets to test whether the connection is valid or not with the additional test on Telnet and SSH.

Added functionality is common and the script may change from day to day depending on development.

4/01/19:RandIP 1.9.0
RandIP shell - basic shell to control features off the application
Python exploits have been added
Many update to the logger and errorHandler code
Preparing to add documentation for API usuage
3/27/19:RandIP 1.6.5
Many fixes and bugs dealt with
Experimental features added.. check the code ;)
3/18/19:RandIP 1.6.1
Added RandIP make script
Updated RandIP Nim
Fixed typos and other basic mistakes
3/14/19:RandIP 1.6.0
Modulizing Nim version
3/8/19:RandIP 1.5.2
Preparing for Nim by default
3/5/19:RandIP 1.5.1
aarm64 build released
1/9/2019:RandIP 1.5
armv7l(armhf) build released
cleaned up directories
removed libnotify dep for armhf as they're mainly headless or console based
nightlies added for daily edge releases
1/3/2019:RandIP 1.4
Preparing for randip_status bot
1/1/2019:RandIP 1.3.8
snap stable released
-nim and -py command line arguments added
10/8/2018:RandIP 1.2.4
Bug fixes within SSH enumeration exploits
added false-positive tests on requests.ConnectionError

10/7/18:RandIP 1.2.3
Added SSH and Telnet Timeouts to prevent blocking
removed ShellShock exploit(no longer valid)

10/6/18:RandIP 1.2.1
SSH Enumerations now work in tandem
Typos fixed
Telnet crash fixed
AttrubuteError and TypeError on socket.herror fixed.

10/6/18:RandIP 1.2
added CVE: 2018-15473
added testing telnet and ssh on socket.herror

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