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Bloatless Blog

Bloatless blog is a minimal and simple blog application written in PHP. It is markdown based so new articles can be published by simply uploading a new text file to your server.


  • Markdown based articles
  • RSS feed
  • Dynamic image resizing
  • Gallery shortcode
  • Customizable




  1. Download or clone this repository to your server.
  2. Point document root of your vhost to the public folder.
  3. Rewrite all requests to the index.php file.

Publishing new articles

Publishing new articles is simple. Just upload a new file to your resources/articles folder.

It is a good idea to name you article-files starting with a date, e.g.: This way the articles will be correctly ordered in the blog.

Every article is required to include some meta-information and the article itself. This is what an article file may look like:

    "title": "Hello World!",
    "metaTitle": "Hello World",
    "description": "A Bloatless Blog sample article",
    "date": "2019-02-17",
    "slug": "hello-world",
    "author": "Bloatless", 
    "categories": "News,Blog,Foo"


This is a sample article.

You can use **markdown syntax** to format your text.

It is important that the meta-block and the content are separated by the ::METAEND:: line.

Dynamic image resizing

Images can be dynamically resized by using a simple URL.

Here's an example: Let's assume there is an image called myimage.jpg in your public/media folder. The regular to this image would than be If this image should be resized to 100x100px (e.g. for usage as a thumbnail) it can simply be called using the following URL: This will automatically generate a 100x100px thumbnail from the original image. This thumbnail is of course only generated once and than cached on the server.

Gallery shortcode

All images from a given folder can be displayed as a gallery within an article using a simple shortcode:

[gallery folder="/media/my_holiday/"]

This shortcode will generate thumbnails for all images within the /public/media/my_holiday folder and put a list of those thumbnails in your article. The generated html-code is of course customizable by editing the resources/views/partials/gallery.phtml file.


The main configuration (meta data, pages, ...) can be adjusted by simply copying the default config file config/config.default.php to a config/config.php file. This file will than be preferred over the default configuration.

All the template files can be found in the resources/views folder. This files can also be copied to another folder and than be customized. The new folder can be set within the blogs configuration file.


The MIT License

Libraries used (Thanks!)


A lightweight markdown based Blog application








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