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All about clans...

Similar to the Minecraft Factions plugin!

Clans have a maximum member limit of 20

Each member can provide up to 5 power to a clan. The more members you have, the more combined power, allowing more items to be stored in the clan vault.

What do clans do?

Clans allow you to team up with other players and combine loot into a shared inventory (vault).

Clan members cannot attack each other.

All members pool their power together for a higher combined clan power which allows more item storage in the vault (1 power = 1 slot).

NEW - All money in the clan bank gets bonus interest money at the end of each day (12AM UTC). The interest rate of a clan depends on the number of members, more members = higher interest (Each member adds 0.5% interest, up to 10% max).

Clan Commands

The clan command is the base command for all commands that deal with clans. Not specifying a clan sub-command will cause the command to default to the info sub-command.

In other words, t-clan BEST CLAN EVER is equivalent to t-clan info BEST CLAN EVER

Command What it does Rank requirement Usage Example
help Show all clan commands None t-clan help N/A
create Creates a new clan at the cost of $25,000 None t-clan create <clan name> Link
info Look up information about a clan. View members, power, money, and other stuff None t-clan info <clan name> Link
logs Look up a clans logs or view your own clan logs. Show withdraws, deposits, raids, members joining/leaving None t-clan logs <clan name> Link
vault Similar syntax to the info command, but shows the items in a clans vault None t-clan vault <clan name> Link
leave Leave your current clan None t-clan leave Link
raid Raid another clan Trusted+ t-clan raid <clan name> Link
deposit/put Deposit items/money into your clan Trusted+ t-clan deposit <item/money> <amount> Link
withdraw/take Withdraw items/money from your clan Officer+ t-clan withdraw <item/money> <amount> Link
invite Invite a user to your clan Officer+ t-clan invite <@mention> Link
setstatus Change the status of your clan Officer+ t-clan setstatus <status to set> Link
promote Promotes a member in your clan to a higher rank Co-Leader+ t-clan promote <@mention> Link
demote Demotes a member in your clan to a lower rank Co-Leader+ t-clan demote <@mention> Link
kick Kicks a member Leader+ t-clan kick <@mention/User ID> Link

Clan ranks

  • Leader
    • Highest rank in the clan
    • Can kick members.
  • Co-Leader
    • Can promote and demote members.
  • Officer
    • Second highest rank
    • Can invite new members, take items out of the clan vault
  • Trusted
    • Can deposit items/money into the clan but can't withdraw items.
  • Recruit
    • New member rank
    • Users power is contributed to the clan

Clan power

Clan power is separated into three categories:

  • Used power - The power a clan uses describes the amount of items they have in their vault.
  • Current power - The current power of a clan is the sum of every members power, this decreases each time you kill a member of the clan.
  • Max power - The maximum possible power a clan can have.

Each time a member of a clan dies, they lose power and impact their clans current power. If you can bring a clans current power lower than their used power, they are eligible to be raided.

How do I increase my clan power?

Your power will passively increase by 1 every 2 hours.

Clan Interest

Money you put in the clan bank will gain interest every night at 12AM (UTC). The starting interest rate is 0.5% and increases by 0.5% with each member that joins the clan up to a max of 10%.

What is interest?

Interest is free income added the the money in the clan bank based on how much money there is.


If you had $100,000 in the bank, and your interest rate was 5%, you would get $5000 every day just for having the money in the bank.

Clan Raiding

When a clan is using more power than they currently have, they can be raided with the raid command.

When you successfully raid another clan you will see a message telling you to pick an amount of items to steal from their vault. The number of items you can steal is the amount of power they are using minus their current power.

After the raid is finished, your clan will be put on a 1 hour cooldown before being able to raid any other clans. Also, that clan cannot be raided again within an hour.

Raid Rewards

  • Money stolen = 1/3rd of what clan had in bank.
  • A number of items from their vault depending on how much current power they had when you raided them.

Example showing what a successful clan raid looks like:

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