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Status: pre-alpha

Goose is a wayland compositor written in c and tcl/tk.

Aspired features include:

  • good use of wlroots (device detection, multi-monitor, screensharing, etc.)
  • control, configuration, hackability via tcl, json
  • gui hackability via tk
  • stacked windows by default
  • grouping (tabs, piles, concats)
  • tagging (workspace-like behavior)
  • marking (for quick focusing)
  • overview (mac’s exposé, spaces, mosaic, etc.; an extended alt-tab; a graphical configuration tool)


  • input: mouse, keyboard, etc.
  • output: monitor, etc.
  • root: structure of all frames
  • view: visible space, contains subset of root
  • frame: contains windows
    • tab: laid out in tabs, front window totally visible, the rest totally hidden
    • pile: laid out in piles, front window totally visible, the rest partially/totally hidden
    • concat: laid out flat and adjoined, all windows totally visible
  • window: an application’s immediate graphical representation
  • tag: an index on frames for visibility-toggling
  • mark: an index on frames for focus-toggling
  • get: state query (by a client)
  • set: state modification request (by a client)


  1. cd goose/
  2. $EDITOR and make
  3. ./build/goose


  • want some practice with c + tcl and shipping a complete program
  • tcl and tk are awesome
  • wayland seems to hold a bright future
  • yet to see a stacking wayland window manager (at least packaged for the distro that I use) that works intuitively, that works in a way that I like by default (cwm, openbox), and whose near-core behavior is easily customisable
  • want to experiment with seemingly cool ui, layout, ipc ideas
  • called “goose” because when you get tcl’d, you get goose-bumps