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Usage Instructions (HLSL)

If you wish to use another media player, look at their documentation on how to install HLSL shaders and modify the shader accordingly if needed.

  1. Install MPC-HC or MPC-BE and madVR (Optional, but good for quality)
  2. (MPC-HC Only) Enable Full Floating Point Processing or Half Floating Point Processing in Renderer Settings.
  3. Download the .hlsl shader files here
  4. (MPC-BE Only) Copy the .hlsl files to %AppData%\MPC-BE\Shaders
  5. Add the shaders (The order is important!)


Different screen resolutions need different shaders:
Smaller or equal to 1080p


Larger than 1080p


Note: Anime4K_Push is an optional pass that thins lines, it can be removed if the effect is unsatisfactory for certain anime.


If madVR is installed

These are heavy on the GPU, do not use them if rendering times rise above 30ms

Settings used for all the comparisons:


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