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This site was built with Hugo 0.70.0.

To build static site

$ hugo

To run dev server on http://localhost:1313

$ hugo server -D --disableFastRender

Suggested Production Deployment

This guide uses a clean installation of Ubuntu 18.04 hosted on a VPS. Ubuntu has been initialised with only a root user which is accessible via ssh.

1. Install software

Connect to the VPS as root and run the following commands to install software needed later in this guide.

apt update
apt install -y sudo nginx
apt-get install git

If you are asked to overwrite a file named /etc/sudoers, press "Y" to install the package maintainer's version.

At this stage you can verify nginx is installed correctly by entering your VSPs IP address into a web browser. The "Welcome to nginx" page should be loaded.

2. Create non-root user

Still connected as root, run the following command to create a new user. This example creates a user called jamie, but you can choose your own name.

adduser jamie

Enter a strong password and, optionally, fill in any of the additional information if you would like. This is not required and you can just hit ENTER in any field you wish to skip.

Enable usage of sudo for the new user.

usermod -aG sudo jamie

You can now disconnect from the root user, and it will not be used again during this guide.

3. Install hugo

Connect to the VPS as the newly created non-root user. We are now going to install Hugo version 0.55.6.

export VER="0.70.0"
sudo dpkg -i hugo_${VER}_Linux-64bit.deb

If installation was successful, you should now be able to use the hugo command

hugo --help

4. Clone this repository

Still connected as the non-root user, clone this repository into a directory which can be served by nginx

sudo mkdir -p /var/www/block-commons
sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /var/www/block-commons
git clone /var/www/block-commons

5. Build the static site

cd /var/www/block-commons

This should build the static site into a newly created directory named public/

6. Configure nginx

sudo cp /var/www/block-commons/nginx/default /etc/nginx/sites-available/default
sudo systemctl restart nginx.service

The block-commons website should now be loaded when you enter your VSPs IP address into a web browser.

Additional setup

Updating production deployment

To deploy the latest changes pushed to the master branch on GitHub, connect to the VPS as the non-root user and run the following commands

cd /var/www/block-commons
git pull


Research, data, reporting and educational materials - on and for the digital public creative crypto commons.






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