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Blockcore is the foundation for realizing decentralized software (Web5) and blockchains (Web3).


Blockcore is an open source project started by a group of blockchain developers and engineers to realize a fully integrated platform for building custom blockchains.

Blockcore is a platform that enables you to build your own blockchains, with software such as blockchain nodes, explorer, indexers, wallets for desktop, mobile and web, decentralized web node, tipbot, decentralized identifiers and more.

We are building a better future based on #Web5 and are very open for new community members. Let's go!


  1. blockcore blockcore Public

    Open source .NET Core Bitcoin based blockchain node in C#

    C# 217 89

  2. angor angor Public

    Angor is a decentralized crowdfunding platform built on Bitcoin and nostr.

    CSS 4 4

  3. blockcore-explorer blockcore-explorer Public

    Cross-Chain Multi-Chain Block Explorer

    TypeScript 16 22

  4. blockcore-wallet blockcore-wallet Public

    Web5 Wallet for your coins, tokens, identities, NFTs and more.

    TypeScript 41 35

  5. blockcore-notes blockcore-notes Public

    Notes app for decentralized infrastructures (Nostr and Web5)

    TypeScript 60 21

  6. documentation documentation Public

    Documentation for Blockcore, including how to contribute as a developer, naming conventions, guidelines and more.

    Batchfile 9 11


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