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Open source .NET Core Bitcoin based blockchain node in C#
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Bitcoin Implementation in C#

What is Blockcore?

  • Blockcore is a platform to build Layer 1 consensus networks based on the Bitcoin protocol, built on the .NET Core framework and written entirely in C#.
  • Blockcore aims to maintain an alternative C# Bitcoin implementation, based on the NBitcoin & Stratis projects.
  • Blockcore is neither a coin or a for profit business.

Why Blockcore?

  • We see a need within the crypto ecosystem for development of the C# full node technology.
  • Stratis has provided an excellent starting point but their focus is enterprise and business. We feel strongly that there is significant value focusing on open & public blockchains, using open source software.

Blockcore objectives

  • Continue development of the C# Stratis fullnode.
  • Maintain the C# Bitcoin fullnode.
  • Support projects and teams that use the underlying technology.
  • Extend the technology by building developer and user tools
  • Provide a forum for developers and teams to collaborate and improve on the technology.
  • Build relationships with potential sponsors & partners to help boost the pace of development.

Blockcore principles

  • We help each other, and all projects that utilise the underlying technology.
  • We encourage contribution to the Blockcore open source software.
  • We aim to make it easier for everyone to contribute to the ecosystem.
  • We encourage projects to adopt Blockcore technology as we believe every project has something to offer and help make the technology stronger.

Join our community on discord.

Getting Started Guide

More details on getting started are available here


If you are up for some blockchain development?

Check this guides for more info:

There is a lot to do and we welcome contributions from developers and testers who want to gain some Blockchain experience.

You can find tasks on the issues tab or visit us on discord.


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