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Unblocked Platform

The Unblocked Platform is a distributed computing platform which uses WebAssembly, dotnet core, Microsoft Blazor, WebRTC and IndexedDB to deliver a rapid app development solution for distributed applications. The platform is based on a well defined architecture. The Unblocked Platform is patent pending. For detailed information on the API, please see here.

What are distributed applications?

Distributed applications are a part of Web 3.0 and allow the development of fully featured multi-user applications without the need for central server infrastructure.

Why should I care?

Writing distributed applications on the Unblocked Platform is super simple, they scale enormously, offer world class security and require almost no investment to run. Cloud computing costs are accelerating in most organizations and highly scalable applications can be incredibly expensive. This platform places application performance on the device and distributes data, meaning little to no central investment required.

How do I start?

The platform is currently in private beta. You can apply to the private beta program.

If you are a developer and want to get started writing a distributed application, you can follow our Getting Started guide.

If you want to have a play with a distributed application, you can login to our simple template application here. Note to use the sample, you will need an active Community Edition Certificate which is available once you join the private beta program

No Infrastructure

Unblocked platform applications need no central infrastructure, with all data distributed between your users. This dramatically reduces the cost of running a large scale application whilst keeping lightening-fast performance.

Easy to Write

It is super simple (and free) to write an unblocked application. You can follow our Getting Started guide to write your first application.



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