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New Features

  • Private Transaction Chains - To provide transaction privacy, we introduce the concept of private transaction chains. With private transaction chains, participants on the public blockchain will be able to transact with each other privately, while maintaining the immutability and auditability of the public blockchain.
  • Enterprise User Management - BlockApps STRATO can be integrated with existing enterprise user management systems, such as OAuth2, OpenID, etc. When submitting a request to sign transactions with BlockApps STRATO, STRATO will validate user metadata with the user management system before proceeding with transaction signing. Learn more here.
  • PBFT - We introduce an experimental feature which allows users to select between two consensus algorithms based on their network performance requirements. We offer PBFT as a configurable option (Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance) and default POW (Proof-of-Work). PBFT is faster than Proof of Work, and is designed for permissioned networks where the identities of the participants are known to others.
  • Solidity 0.4.24 Upgrade - STRATO now supports Solidity up to version 0.4.24!