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This is a SNAPSHOT of the current development branch towards 2.0.0

While this contains some regressions it will still be far supperior to the old versions thanks to better keyboard and gamepad support.

Compared to the old 1.4.2 a number of changes:

  • Uses SDL2. This means textures and sprites instead of old surfaces.
  • New config format
  • TTF font support
  • Translation support
  • New keyboard and game controller friendly menu system
  • Better behind the scenes handeling
  • Build by a CMake system
  • Location of saved games changed in Linux

Some known regressions:

  • All gamecontrollers are assigned to player 1
  • No mouse/touch play. I want to introduce this in a new way
  • No stored replays.
  • No net play.

The last 3 elements are all related to

Some regressins that will not be fixed:

  • Only SDL2 supported gamecontrollers are supported
  • Old configs and some saves are lost then converting to 2.0.0+