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Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks 2.0.0
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@sago007 sago007 released this
· 3 commits to v2.0.X since this release

This is Block Attack - Rise of the Blocks - version 2.0.0

This is the largest change since 1.1.0 more than ten years ago!
The game now uses SDL2 and have a more keyboard, game pad and even touch friendly design!

Compared to the old 1.4.2 a number of changes:

  • Uses SDL2. This means textures and sprites instead of old surfaces.
  • New config file format
  • TTF font support
  • Translation support (includes a Danish translation)
  • New keyboard and game controller friendly menu system
  • Better behind the scenes handling
  • Build by a CMake system
  • Location of saved games changed in Linux
  • Better game controller support (although limited to SDL2 supported controllers)
  • Better mouse play
  • More modern icon
  • Linux saves are now stored under $HOME/.local/share/blockattack

Some known regressions:

  • It is not possible to store replays
  • There are no network support.

The new back-end will allow it to be implemented smarter in the future. The old version was too difficult to use anyway.

Some regressions that will not be fixed:

  • Only SDL2 supported game controllers are supported
  • Old config and some saves are lost then converting to 2.0.0+

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