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A basic Steem votebot
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A Steem votebot

A basic Steem votebot created by @blockbrothers


Some of these instructions are specific to Ubuntu. Please adjust accordingly if you're using a differens OS.

1. Install docker if you haven't already

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install curl git
$ curl | sh
$ sudo usermod -aG docker $(whoami)

IMPORTANT: re-login to activate the changes.

2. Install votebot & initial setup

$ mkdir -p ~/votebot/config && cd ~/votebot
$ docker pull blockbrothers/votebot:latest
$ docker run -v $(pwd)/config:/usr/src/votebot/config -d --name votebot -t blockbrothers/votebot:latest
$ docker exec -ti votebot steempy addkey

Enter your private POSTING key:

Private Key (wif) [Enter to quit]:

Set a passphrase for the wallet:

Please provide a password for the new wallet
Confirm Passphrase:

Then steempy will prompt you again for a Private Key. Just press [ENTER] to quit.

3. Configure votebot

nano ./config/

The most important settings are:

STEEM_USER = ''         # set to the Steem account name (without the `@`) corresponding to the private key in the wallet.
WALLET_PASSWORD = ''    # set to your wallet password set in step 2.

# Specify the accounts you'd like the bot to track.
    # 'blockbrothers': {            # account name (without the `@`)
    #     'weight': 100.0,          # vote percentage                           [defaults to 100%]
    #     'delay': 5 * MINUTE,      # minimum delay before voting               [defaults to 30min]
    #     'max_per_day': 2,         # maximum votes cast per day (=24h period)  [defaults to 1]
    # },

4. Check the logs

docker logs -f votebot

Votebot runs every 5 minutes, so it might take a few minutes before you see anything here. There might be some errors if the votebot ran while you were still configuring it, but if properly setup it should look something like this:

2018-01-27 16:00:02 INFO     ### Running Votebot ###
2018-01-27 16:00:05 INFO     Voted on post "running-training-5-increasing-stamina" by @bennierex at 100.0%
2018-01-27 16:05:01 INFO     ### Running Votebot ###

Press ctrl+c to exit.

Manual install

$ cd
$ git clone
$ cd votebot
$ docker build -t votebot:latest .

Then configure votebot (as detailed in Step 3):

$ mkdir ./config
$ cp ./ ./config/
$ nano ./config/

Run the container:

$ docker run -v $(pwd)/config:/usr/src/votebot/config -d --name votebot -t votebot:latest

Setup the wallet (as detailed in Step 2):

$ docker exec -ti votebot steempy addkey

If you support us please vote here for @blockbrothers
Be sure to check that it says blockbrothers below the manual voting field.
Only press 'VOTE’, the green round button will cancel your vote.

Or you can choose to set blockbrothers as your proxy just below the manual vote

Vote for @blockbrothers via SteemConnect
Set blockbrothers as your proxy via SteemConnect

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