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Storage library and service for Blockchain Certificates
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Blockchain certificate storage. This is used as a library in the cert-viewer project.

The certificate storage interface is simplekv. The default configurations use the FilesystemStore, which is highly recommended if you are getting started. This makes it easier to issue, copy, and view your Blockchain Certificates.


The certificate storage location can be modified with the following configuration entries in your conf.ini file:

  • cert_store_type: which key-value backing store to use. Current supported values are:
    • simplekv_fs: (Default) file system store
    • simplekv_gridfs: (Advanced) gridfs store
  • cert_store_path: file system path if using simplekv_fs
  • mongodb_uri: mongo db uri (including db name) if using simplekv_gridfs

Example File System config:

cert_store_type = simplekv_fs
cert_store_path = ./cert_data

Example GridFS config (Advanced):

cert_store_type = simplekv_gridfs
mongodb_uri = mongodb://localhost:27017/test

Legacy options


Most users should ignore these instructions, which are only included as a temporary bridge for earlier users of blockcerts. We recommend migrating to the latest version of Blockcerts.

V1 Aware Certificate Store

Warning: avoid this option unless you are sure you need it. Earlier versions of the Blockchain Certificate required a separate storage of the certificate transaction id. That was managed in a certificates mongo db table.

The --v1_aware flag allows support for these certificates.

Unit tests

This project uses tox to validate against several python environments.

  1. Ensure you have an python environment. Recommendations

  2. Run tests



Contact with questions

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