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Candidate segwit support for cert-issuer. #84

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Just for now

@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
import io
import logging
import time
import json
from abc import abstractmethod

import bitcoin.rpc
@@ -54,25 +55,22 @@ def broadcast_tx(self, tx):

class BlockcypherBroadcaster(object):
Note that this needs an API token

def __init__(self, base_url, api_token):
def __init__(self, base_url):
self.base_url = base_url
self.api_token = api_token

# Blockcypher doesn't need a token for broadcasts, but it is rate limited
def broadcast_tx(self, tx):
hextx = to_hex(tx)
broadcast_url = self.base_url + '/txs/push?token=' + self.api_token
broadcast_url = self.base_url + '/txs/push'
response =, json={'tx': hextx})
if int(response.status_code) == 200:
tx_id = response.json().get('txid', None)
return tx_id
logging.error('Error broadcasting the transaction through the Blockcypher API. Error msg: %s', response.text)
if int(response.status_code) == 201:
tx = response.json().get('tx', None)
return tx["hash"]
logging.error('Error broadcasting the transaction through the BlockCypher API. Error msg: %s', response.text)
raise BroadcastError(response.text)

class BlockrIOBroadcaster(object):
def __init__(self, base_url):
self.base_url = base_url
@@ -234,6 +232,7 @@ def broadcast_tx_with_chain(tx, bitcoin_chain, bitcoind=False):
connectors[Chain.bitcoin_mainnet] = provider_list
@@ -244,6 +243,7 @@ def broadcast_tx_with_chain(tx, bitcoin_chain, bitcoind=False):
connectors[Chain.bitcoin_testnet] = xtn_provider_list

@@ -7,6 +7,10 @@
from pycoin.encoding import wif_to_secret_exponent
from pycoin.networks import wif_prefix_for_netcode
from pycoin.tx.pay_to import build_hash160_lookup
from pycoin.tx.pay_to import build_p2sh_lookup
from pycoin.tx.pay_to.ScriptPayToAddressWit import ScriptPayToAddressWit
from pycoin import ecdsa
from pycoin import encoding

from cert_issuer.errors import UnverifiedSignatureError, UnableToSignTxError
from cert_issuer.helpers import to_pycoin_chain
@@ -27,8 +31,14 @@ def sign_message(self, wif, message_to_sign):
def sign_transaction(self, wif, transaction_to_sign):
secret_exponent = wif_to_secret_exponent(wif, self.allowable_wif_prefixes)
lookup = build_hash160_lookup([secret_exponent])
signed_transaction = transaction_to_sign.sign(lookup)

public_pair = ecdsa.public_pair_for_secret_exponent(ecdsa.generator_secp256k1, secret_exponent)
hash160 = encoding.public_pair_to_hash160_sec(public_pair, compressed=True)
script = ScriptPayToAddressWit(b'\0', hash160)
p2sh_lookup_output = build_p2sh_lookup([script.script()])

# Because signing failures silently continue, first check that the inputs are signed
signed_transaction = transaction_to_sign.sign(lookup, p2sh_lookup = p2sh_lookup_output)
for input in signed_transaction.txs_in:
if len(input.script) == 0:
logging.error('Unable to sign transaction. hextx=%s', signed_transaction.as_hex())
@@ -104,7 +104,6 @@ def prepare_tx_for_signing(hex_tx, tx_inputs):
return transaction

def verify_transaction(signed_hextx, op_return_value):
Verify OP_RETURN field in transaction
@@ -113,14 +112,18 @@ def verify_transaction(signed_hextx, op_return_value):
"""'verifying op_return value for transaction')
op_return_hash = signed_hextx[-72:-8]
result = (op_return_value == op_return_hash)
if not result:
# This comparison is intended to verify that a correct OP_RETURN has been
# created as the output Bitcoin script. Please note that this is not a
# proper semantic comparison, but a superficial check of a byte string.
# The odds of this causing problems are tiny, but there could be
# future-proofing or spoofing considerations here. A more correct
# solution might involve a proper semantic static evaluation of the script,
# which is a lot of heavy lifting for this purpose.
if op_return_value not in signed_hextx:
error_message = 'There was a problem verifying the transaction'
raise UnverifiedTransactionError(error_message)'verified OP_RETURN')

def calculate_tx_total(tx_cost_constants, num_inputs, num_outputs):
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