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ULCDocuments Web Application

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ULCDocuments is a free and open source project aimed at giving everyone a tool to sign all type of files permanently on the Ethereum Blockchain.

ULC is the acronym for Ultra Low Cost, because signing documents on the blockchain is very cheap.

We can separate the project into two parts:

  • The Blockchain App which handles the blockchain.
  • The Web App, which is an implementation made in javascript to use the Blockchain App.

Table of Contents:

What is Inside this Repo?

In this repo you will find the source code for the Web App which communicates with the Blockchain App. The Blockchain App is currently closed source, and its source code will be released when we reach a stable Web App version.

However, a beta version of the ABI files (which handle communication with the blockchain smart contracts) is available in the ULCDocuments/docs/js/abi folder.

How it Works

This app uses two main Smart Contracts: The Kernel and the Moderator.

The Smart Contract documentation is available here.

  • To be able to sign documents, you must own a Kernel. The Kernel is the address where your signatures are stored. It is the main part of the Blockchain Application. It handles multi-operator signing, multi-owner administration and so on. Every moral/physical person can have his own Kernel.

  • If users want to check a signature, they must connect to the signatory's Kernel address.

  • After creating your Kernel, you can then choose to be referenced on a Moderator. This Moderator will then be able to certify your kernel's identity to users connecting to it. Otherwise, users will only see your Kernel address.

For security reason, it is safer to only use Kernels that are registered on a trustworthy Moderator (such as the Blockchain-Elite Moderator on Ropsten Testnet, which is configured by default on the web app).

Warning! Because we are in beta, the default moderator address might change over time. But don't worry, the Web App will be updated to take into account those changes.

Setup & Configuration

Connection to a Kernel


  • Go to (This repo Github page).
  • Click on the Check button
  • Enter the Ethereum Address of the Kernel you want to connect to in the Kernel Connection section.
  • Press connect and wait.


Once you are connected to a Kernel, you can save the page in a bookmark, or send the link to someone. Clicking the link will connect you automatically to the Kernel.

The Kernel address is stored in the kernel url parameter as follows:[ADDRESS].

Setup Signing


To be able to sign, you must first:

  • Have Metamask installed and configured on your browser (make sure you are connected to the Ropsten network), or use Dapp compatible browser like Mist.
  • Be the owner of a Kernel.

Smart Contracts are not open source yet. To be able to participate in the beta, please fill this form in order to get a free Kernel.


Checking Signatures

First, make sure you are connected to a Kernel.

You can check for Files, Raw text or directly hashes.


  • Simply Drag & Drop the file you want to check on the File tab, or click the import button.
  • Click on the Check button, and wait for the results.

Raw Text

  • Go on the Text tab and click on "+".
  • Write your text.
  • Click on the Check button, and wait for the results.


  • Hash manually your document with correct hash algorithm (SHA3-256 by default).
  • Go on the Hash tab and click on "+".
  • Paste your hash without the "0x" prefix if you have one.
  • Click on the Check button, and wait for the results.

You can also check several items at the same item.

Note : you can click on an element's card to display more information, provided by the Blockchain (available after checking) or simply basic file information (size, type, etc...)

Signing Documents


First, make sure you followed the setup procedure.

  • Launch the Web App on sign mode by clicking on the Sign button in the Homepage or simply reconnect to the kernel and check the Enable Sign Mode checkbox.
  • Make sure you are on the Sign a Document tab.
  • Import documents, write text or paste a hash like you would do on Check Mode.
  • Click on the Fetch button. This will check if the documents can be signed (Verifies it they are not already signed, have a signature pending, etc.).
  • Fill in information about the documents by clicking on them if you wish to. These information will be displayed each time a user checks this document.
  • When you are ready, click on the Sign button. This will create blockchain transactions and you will be prompted to accept them through your Ethereum connector (Metamask or others).

Contribute to the Project

This project is Open Source, this means you can help in its development by reporting bugs or requesting new features by creating a new Issue.

Who is Behind the Project?

ULCDocuments is developed as a Blockchain Elite Labs project. The goal of those projects is to create Open Source tools using the Blockchain technology, to promote practical blockchain public applications, as well as promoting Blockchain-Elite know-how.


ULCDocuments has a license for the Web App, and an other one for the ABI files (which can be used in other projects):