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Ethereum ETL Airflow

Read this article:

Setting up Airflow DAGs using Google Cloud Composer

Create BigQuery Datasets

Create Google Cloud Storage bucket

Create Google Cloud Composer environment

Create environment here,, use Python version 3, In PYPI Packages tab add ethereum-etl==1.2.3.

Create variables in Airflow (Admin > Variables in the UI):

Variable Description
ethereum_output_bucket GCS bucket to store exported files
ethereum_provider_uri URI of Ethereum node
ethereum_destination_dataset_project_id Project ID of BigQuery datasets
notification_emails email for notifications

Check other variables in dags/

Upload DAGs

> ./ <airflow_bucket>


To upload CSVs to BigQuery:

> cd output
> gsutil -m rsync -r . gs://<your_bucket>/ethereumetl/export
  • Sign in to BigQuery

  • Create a new dataset called ethereum_blockchain_raw and ethereum_blockchain

  • Load the files from the bucket to BigQuery:

> git clone
> cd ethereum-etl-airflow/dags/resources/stages
> bq --location=US load --replace --source_format=CSV --skip_leading_rows=1 ethereum_blockchain_raw.blocks gs://<your_bucket>/ethereumetl/export/blocks/*.csv ./raw/schemas/blocks.json
> bq --location=US load --replace --source_format=CSV --skip_leading_rows=1 ethereum_blockchain_raw.transactions gs://<your_bucket>/ethereumetl/export/transactions/*.csv ./raw/schemas/transactions.json
> bq --location=US load --replace --source_format=CSV --skip_leading_rows=1 ethereum_blockchain_raw.token_transfers gs://<your_bucket>/ethereumetl/export/token_transfers/*.csv ./raw/schemas/token_transfers.json
> bq --location=US load --replace --source_format=CSV --skip_leading_rows=1 ethereum_blockchain_raw.receipts gs://<your_bucket>/ethereumetl/export/receipts/*.csv ./raw/schemas/receipts.json
> bq --location=US load --replace --source_format=NEWLINE_DELIMITED_JSON ethereum_blockchain_raw.logs gs://<your_bucket>/ethereumetl/export/logs/*.json ./raw/schemas/logs.json
> bq --location=US load --replace --source_format=NEWLINE_DELIMITED_JSON ethereum_blockchain_raw.contracts gs://<your_bucket>/ethereumetl/export/contracts/*.json ./raw/schemas/contracts.json
> bq --location=US load --replace --source_format=CSV --skip_leading_rows=1 --allow_quoted_newlines ethereum_blockchain_raw.tokens gs://<your_bucket>/ethereumetl/export/tokens/*.csv ./raw/schemas/tokens.json

Note that NEWLINE_DELIMITED_JSON is used to support REPEATED mode for the columns with lists.

Enrich blocks:

> bq mk --table --description "$(cat ./enrich/descriptions/blocks.txt | tr '\n' ' ')" --time_partitioning_field timestamp ethereum_blockchain.blocks ./enrich/schemas/blocks.json
> bq --location=US query --destination_table ethereum_blockchain.blocks --use_legacy_sql=false "$(cat ./enrich/sqls/blocks.sql | tr '\n' ' ')"

Enrich transactions:

> bq mk --table --description "$(cat ./enrich/descriptions/transactions.txt | tr '\n' ' ')" --time_partitioning_field block_timestamp ethereum_blockchain.transactions ./enrich/schemas/transactions.json
> bq --location=US query --destination_table ethereum_blockchain.transactions --use_legacy_sql=false "$(cat ./enrich/sqls/transactions.sql | tr '\n' ' ')"

Enrich token_transfers:

> bq mk --table --description "$(cat ./enrich/descriptions/token_transfers.txt | tr '\n' ' ')" --time_partitioning_field block_timestamp ethereum_blockchain.token_transfers ./enrich/schemas/token_transfers.json
> bq --location=US query --destination_table ethereum_blockchain.token_transfers --use_legacy_sql=false "$(cat ./enrich/sqls/token_transfers.sql | tr '\n' ' ')"

Enrich logs:

> bq mk --table --description "$(cat ./enrich/descriptions/logs.txt | tr '\n' ' ')" --time_partitioning_field block_timestamp ethereum_blockchain.logs ./enrich/schemas/logs.json
> bq --location=US query --destination_table ethereum_blockchain.logs --use_legacy_sql=false "$(cat ./enrich/sqls/logs.sql | tr '\n' ' ')"

Enrich contracts:

> bq mk --table --description "$(cat ./enrich/descriptions/contracts.txt | tr '\n' ' ')" --time_partitioning_field block_timestamp ethereum_blockchain.contracts ./enrich/schemas/contracts.json
> bq --location=US query --destination_table ethereum_blockchain.contracts --use_legacy_sql=false "$(cat ./enrich/sqls/contracts.sql | tr '\n' ' ')"

Enrich tokens:

> bq mk --table --description "$(cat ./enrich/descriptions/tokens.txt | tr '\n' ' ')" ethereum_blockchain.tokens ./enrich/schemas/tokens.json
> bq --location=US query --destination_table ethereum_blockchain.tokens --use_legacy_sql=false "$(cat ./enrich/sqls/tokens.sql | tr '\n' ' ')"
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