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A Peer-to-Peer Payment System for Federated Learning

Layered Architecture

  • Data (Transaction, Block, ChainStructure, etc.)
  • Network (Message, P2P, etc.)
  • Consensus (Consensus, PoSap, etc.)
  • Incentive
  • Contract
  • Application (Application, FedCoin, etc.)



To build and run FedCoin, you must ensure the following software or package(s) are installed in your experimental computer(s):

Moreover, Linux distribution like Ubuntu 16.04.7 LTS is recommended as the operating system. Anaconda (Mirror: TUNA) is recommended as the environment manager. Run the conda create -n fedcoin python=3.5 tensorflow-gpu command, and the python -m pip install docker command in new created fedcoin environment could easily get a basic running environment.

Generate weights

Run the following codes in the Python environment to generate weights:

from blockchain.application.fedcoin import FedCoin

Set parameters

Parameters are defined in blockchain/util/, which are showed as follows:

Parameter Description Type Range Default
K Number of FL clients int [2, inf] 20
R Number of replicas (miners) int [2, inf] 2
D Difficulty in mining float [0.0, inf] 1.5
PRICE Amount of FedCoins as rewards float [0.0, inf] 1000.0
RUNTIME Time to mine in a round float [0.0, inf] 15.0
TRAIN_PRICE Payments to the FL clients float [0.0, 1.0] 0.7
COM_PRICE Payments to the FL server for processing the model aggregation float [0.0, 1.0] 0.1
SAP_PRICE Payments yo the blockchain network miners for calculating SV float [0.0, 1.0] 0.2

Note: The condition "TRAIN_PRICE + COM_PRICE + SAP_PRICE = 1" should be satisfied.

Build and run

The shell code python will build fedcoin and fedcoin_lw images, and run several fedcoin containers that matches the number of replicas defined in settings.

Run docker run fedcoin_lw will start publishing tasks.

The batch file will stop and delete containers, as well as delete images that are untagged.


  • Yuan Liu, Zhengpeng Ai, Shuai Sun, Shuangfeng Zhang, Zelei Liu, Han Yu. FedCoin: A Peer-to-Peer Payment System for Federated Learning. In Book "Federated Learning: Privacy and Incentive" (DOI:10.1007/978-3-030-63076-8_9)
  • Yuan Liu, Shuai Sun, Zhengpeng Ai, Shuangfeng Zhang, Zelei Liu, Han Yu. FedCoin: A Peer-to-Peer Payment System for Federated Learning. In arXiv (arXiv:2002.11711)