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Rockside Documentation 🎸

Rockside preview

EthCC Early Access release

The following documentation is relative the first public beta release of Rockside -EthCC Early Access release- which will be available 5th March 2019. If you try to run it before this date, there is no guarantee that the commands mentioned in this documentation would work


Rockside is a self-hosted Blockchain Service Provider. Its goal is to accelerate the industrialization of blockchain projects for companies and developers.

This repository is the right place if you need any interaction with the team. Questions, issues are more than welcome. See you on March 5th !

Install Rockide in 5 minutes with Rockside installer!

If you have docker installed, just launch Rockside installer and enjoy! Image of Rockside Cli

Download Rockside installer

curl -sSL | sh

If you are on linux please prefix all the following commands with 'sudo'

Run Rockside Engine install

rockside engine install

Sign-up on Rockside Engine

  • Open a browser and fill your Rockside Engine Url
  • Rockside engine comes with default login for convenience. Default user credentials are '' and 'password'. ⚠️ Please change password of the default user while connected ⚠️


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