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Rockside Wiki 🎸


Rockside is a Blockchain orchestrator. Its goal is to accelerate the industrialization of blockchain projects for companies and developers. Our first release is available as a private beta since November 1, 2018 for Rockside Launch Customer Program members.

Launch Customer Program (LCP)

As part of LCP (Launch Customer Program), we provide personalized technical support to our partners. Concretely we plan several technical meetings with a mutual commitment that aims to improve the product. Our product's roadmap is driven by feedback from these users. For more information about LCP : send us an email at

Installation Guide

To use this guide, you must be part of the LCP (Launch Customer Program).

Read the Rockside LCP Release Installation Guide

LCP Release FAQ

This FAQ includes information about the architecture and the use of the service.

Read the LCP Release FAQ

The rockside guitar tutorial

Your first decentralized applications (DApp) on Ethereum With Rockside

Read The rockside guitar tutorial