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Tell me more about Rockside

Which chains and implementations are supported?

  • Mainnet (geth/parity)
  • Ropsten (geth/parity)
  • Rinkeby (geth/parity)
  • Tobalaba (parity)

(Pantheon Ethereum client integration in progress !)

Why use only Ethereum as a starting point?

Because we believe in the potential of this protocol. Ethereum is popular, public, open-source and robust. Furthermore, it fits to many corporate needs.

Is it risky to send transaction to Rockside's nodes during Early Access version?

Before sending transaction to your own Rockside node(s), you need to create and sign them offline. Rockside have no visibility of your private key. Finally the question is : is Blockchain protocol secure ? Yes, by design ;)

What is the difference with services offering remote nodes ?

If the remote service is malicious or gets hacked, this trusted third party can censor your transactions, show you fake data, collect data on your IP, … Rockside is different because you host your own nodes and you keep control over your interactions with Blockchain networks.

I just installed Rockside. What has been done on my system ?

Rockside is shipped with two core components, Rockside Engine and Rockside Slave, you have to install separatly.

At the end of the installation of rockside Engine, you will have:

  • a new .rockside folder containing rockside engine persistant stuff which has been created. By default this folder is created in the home directory of the user who initiated the command (usually ~/.rockside on macOS or /root/.rockside on Linux )
  • 3 running docker containers on your system. Rockside engine is a combination of technologies working together and Rockside ship it under docker containers. Rockside Engine runs a mysql database, a laravel api, and an nginx server.

At the launch of Rockside Slave, you will have:

  • A running Rockside slave instance of the binary which has been installed in /usr/local/bin/rockside-slave
  • A running container per node instanciated through Rockside interface
  • A persistent folder where will be stored you blockchain datas.

I run a "Early Access" version of rockside. I noticed than anybody could create an account on Rockside interface

Indeed ! The EthCC Early Access release don't give the possibility to restrict the signup only to whitelisted users.

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