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Next-generation HD (BIP32, BIP39, BIP44) bitcoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash wallet.

Getting started

Install Android Studio:

Import as Android Studio project.

Required: Run the quickstart script from a bash terminal at the base of the project; ./scripts/ this will install the necessary dependencies for the project to compile successfully.

Optional: Run the bootstrap script from terminal via scripts/ This will install the Google Java code style as well as the official Android Kotlin code style and remove any file header templates. The script may indicate that you need to restart Android Studio for it's changes to take effect.

Build -> Make Project

If there are build errors, in Android Studio go to Tools -> Android -> SDK Manager and install any available updates.

Contributions and Code Style

All new code must be in Kotlin. We are using the official Kotlin style guide, which can be applied in Android Studio via Preferences -> Editor -> Code Style -> Kotlin -> Set from -> Predefined style -> Kotlin Style Guide. It should be noted that this is not currently the default in Android Studio, so please configure this if you have recently reinstalled AS. Alternatively, simply run the bootstrap script and ktlint will configure your IDE for you.

All code must be tested if possible, and must pass CI. Therefore it must introduce no new Lint errors, and must pass Ktlint. Before committing any new Kotlin code I could recommend formatting your files in Android Studio with CMD + ALT + L and running ./gradlew ktlint locally. You can if you so wish run ./gradlew ktlintFormat which will fix any style violations. Be aware that this may need to be run twice to apply all fixes as of 0.20.

Commit message style

Use git change log style.

Where you have access to Jira, you should apply the git hooks with ./gradlew installGitHooks. This enforces the git change log style with Jira references.


Unit tests for the project can be run via scripts/ This also generates coverage reports.


Security issues can be reported to us in the following venues:

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