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Be Your Own Bank at Please contact support if you have any issues using the wallet.

Run the wallet on your own computer

The normal and easiest way to use our wallet is to go to However if you like more control over the exact code that runs in your browser, you can download the source code and run the wallet from a simple server on your own machine. Here's how:

  1. Install Node.js
  2. git clone -b v1.7.32 --single-branch --depth 1
  3. make server

Login to your existing wallet or create a new one at http://localhost:8080/.

You can replace v1.7.32 with any tagged version you like, but we recommend always using the latest release. The versions marked as pre-release have not gone through extensive internal testing yet.

Note that the wallet itself is still stored on servers. It is encrypted with your password. The wallet also uses the servers to show you your balance, notify you of new payments, submit transactions, etc.


The frontend code in this repository uses AngularJS. The Bitcoin specific tasks are handled by My-Wallet-V3, which is included via Bower.


Make sure you have Node.js installed.

You also need Sass (use sudo if you're not using a Ruby version manager):

gem install sass

Install dependencies:

npm install

Create a file called .env in the root of the project. Put the following in it:


Optionally you can add:



Grunt watches and compiles the Jade view templates and CSS. Keep it running:



To run test and monitor for changes:

npm test

A coverage report is generated after you run the test for the first time. Just open coverage/index.html in your browser.


Run local http server:

npm start

Visit localhost:8080.

Developing My-Wallet-V3

If you are making changes to My-Wallet-V3 that you want to try out in the frontend, create a symlink:

rm My-Wallet-V3-Frontend/bower_components/blockchain-wallet/dist/my-wallet.js
ln -s ../../../../My-Wallet-V3/dist/my-wallet.js My-Wallet-V3-Frontend/bower_components/blockchain-wallet/dist/my-wallet.js

To automatically login and go back to where you last were in the app after every page refresh, create a file .env and add AUTO_RELOAD=1 to it.

If you enable "handle bitcoin links" in your wallet settings, you can open bitcoin URI's like this one:



Bug fixes and feedback on our code is always appreciated.


Security issues can be reported to us in the following venues: