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Setup git submodules

Prepare SocketRocket:

git submodule update --init

Prepare the MyWallet Javascript:

cd Submodules/My-Wallet-V3
npm install
// Required for JavaScriptCore
sed -i '' '1s/^/global.self = global;/' node_modules/whatwg-fetch/fetch.js
grunt build
// Required for JavaScriptCore
sed -i '' '/var crypto = global.crypto || global.msCrypto/ s/$/ || {getRandomValues: function(){}}/' dist/my-wallet.js
// Required for overriding methods in Objective-C
sed -i '' '/validateMnemonic: validateMnemonic/s/$/, salt: salt/' dist/my-wallet.js

Prepare OpenSSL:

cd ../OpenSSL-for-iPhone  

PSD and Asset Catalog

Images.xcassets contains all images the app needs, but they must be generated first from the PSD sources in /Artwork. This requires ImageMagick and Grunt.

Install ImageMagic, e.g. with Homebrew:

brew install imagemagick


npm install -g grunt-cli
cd Artwork
npm install
npm install -g svgexport

Whenever you change a PSD or SVG file, run:


The reason that the PNG files are not in the repository - even though it would make life easier for other developers - is that the resulting PNG files are not deterministic. This causes git to mark all images as changed every time you run Grunt.

Open the project in Xcode

open Blockchain.xcodeproj

Build the project



Source Code License: LGPL v3

Artwork & images remain Copyright Blockchain Luxembourg S.A.R.L


Security issues can be reported to us in the following venues: