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Blockchain API library (C#, v1)

An official .NET (C#) library for interacting with the API.

Getting started

The library requires at least .NET 4.0.

The recommended way to install and use the library is via NuGet:

PM> Install-Package BlockchainAPI

The library consists of the following namespaces:

In order to use Wallet and CreateWallet functionality, you must provide an URL to an instance of service-my-wallet-v3 as first parameter to BlockchainApiHelper. If you don't intend to use these functionalities, this parameter can be null.

Error handling

All methods may throw exceptions caused by incorrectly passed parameters or other problems. If a call is rejected server-side, the APIException exception will be thrown. Other exceptions may also be thrown by the environment (e.g. no internet connection etc).

Connection timeouts

It is possible to set arbitrary connection timeouts.

Info.Blockchain.API.HttpClient.TimeoutMs = 5000; // time out after 5 seconds

Request limits and API keys

In order to prevent abuse some API methods require an API key approved with some basic contact information and a description of its intended use. Please request an API key here.

The same API key can be used to bypass the request limiter.