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Blockchain API library (Ruby, v1)

An official Ruby gem for interacting with the API.

Getting started

Installation via RubyGems:

$ gem install blockchain

Manual installation:

$ git clone
$ cd api-v1-client-ruby
$ rake install

To use the wallet and createwallet functionality, you'll also need an instance of service-my-wallet.

The gem consists of the following functionality:

The main module is called Blockchain

Error handling

All functions may raise exceptions caused by incorrectly passed parameters or other problems. If a call is rejected server-side, the APIException exception will be raised.

Connection timeouts

It is possible to set arbitrary connection timeouts.

require 'blockchain'
Blockchain::TIMEOUT_SECONDS = 5 #time out after 5 seconds

Request limits and API keys

In order to prevent abuse some API methods require an API key approved with some basic contact information and a description of its intended use. Please request an API key here.

The same API key can be used to bypass the request limiter.