Configuration for HAproxy with BitShares health monitor
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BitShares Backend Healthchecking

  • This is the main script that performs the health checks on requests received through HTTP

  • bitshares-backend-health.service: This is a systemd service that keeps the health checker running

Running Health Check


  --listen INTEGER
  --help            Show this message and exit.

Example: --listen 8080 wss://

Health Check

  1. Check if a connection can be established to the backend node. (Raise HTTP/502 if not.)
  2. Check that the returned answer from the backend has status code 200. (Raise HTTP/502 if not.)
  3. Check if the answer has a "result" key in its json representation. (Raise HTTP/502 if not.)
  4. Obtain the time of the most recent block as well as the next maintenance time
  5. Check that current head time is less than 60 seconds old and next maintenance interval is more than 10 seconds in the future. (Raise HTTP/502 if not.)


In bitshares-backend-health.service, replace:

  • {{ bitshares_health_listen }} and
  • {{ bitshares_health_url }}

and install it in your systemd directory /etc/systemd/system.