Gamified simulation environment for development of incentive-based machine behaviour.
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Odd.Bot simulation environment created for the Blockchaingers Hackathon 2018 (Grunning)

*** Works on Ubuntu linux with: ***

*** How to run: ***

Option 1: 'Game Mode' through webinterface.

python python

Activate the simulation by visiting Open blender file and activate game mode

Blender generated renderings are available at:

Option 2: 'Robot design mode' through spyder ide

run For all set the Run configuration per file to executed in dedicated console

  • Under preferences -> IPython Console -> Graphics set backedn to automatic
  • run (do not close)
  • run (do not close) should show anitmated contour and mesh plot

To create a movie set MOVIE in to True and rerun

*** TO DO: ***

  • implement node structure (machine with energy, information and subnode structure)
  • more realistic simulation, z-coordinates, collision, machine spatial orientation
  • scenario loader (package delivery, satellites, teleportation,...)
  • ...

*** DONE ***

  • replace mongodb with bigchaindb
  • implement package delivery with (iota) eJoule transactions
  • implement machine behaviour
  • plot per machine grid
  • make blender viewer