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Utility to sign some provided data (usually a signature transaction hash) with the provided private key using the Bitcoin ECDSA curve. Both the data and the private key are expected to be hex-encoded.

Usage: signer [datahex] [privatehex]


$ ./signer 646b5cc387cef8ced58d861c2ddae75568b4936ccb2971371a0f9d2321460381 b3bd48cbfc88ddcaa9b600c90a62a07fe6c27503ae5b4872c041e5aecf2e723d

As a friendly reminder, if you run this example locally, your resulting signature may differ---ECDSA does not furnish deterministic signatures, but they are no less valid.


Install Go ( and run:

git clone

# If you don't have btcec installed, go get it:
go get

cd btcutils/signer
go build

This will generate the signer binary.