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Steem based website for recording deals and bargins around the world.
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Steem based website for recording deals and bargins around the world.

Setting up your development environment

Ensure you have python 3.6 available on your system (required for the Steem library). If there isn't a package available for your distro try building from source:

$ wget
$ tar xvf Python-3.6.4.tgz
$ cd Python-3.6.4
$ ./configure --enable-optimizations
$ make -j8
$ sudo make altinstall

Now setup your environment:

$ virtualenv -p python3.6 venv
$ . venv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Spin up a local mongodb instance

Create the container and update hosts file

$ docker create -p -v $(pwd)/db:/data/db --name mongo mvertes/alpine-mongo

NOTE: make sure you have an entry in your /etc/hosts file mapping mongodb to

$ sudo -s
# echo " mongodb" >> /etc/hosts

Start mongo

$ docker start mongo

Create a config file:

$ cat

You can now run the app in dev mode via:

$ BLOCKDEALS_SETTINGS="$(pwd)/blockdeals.cfg" UNLOCK="blockdeals" python

Production Deployment

To spin up a test production server run:

gunicorn -w 4 -b wsgi:app

You should definitely run this and test your changes before committing or pushing your changes. A git push will trigger an upgrade of the server.

Setting your account up to allow blockdeals to post on your behalf

Launch the cli_wallet:

$ docker run --rm -it steemit/steem /usr/local/steemd-default/bin/cli_wallet -s wss://

Now enable blockdeals to have posting permissions on your account:

>>> set_password pass
>>> unlock pass
>>> import_key 5H.... your_active_key ...E
>>> list_my_accounts
>>> update_account_auth_account "youraccount" "posting" "blockdeals" 1 true
>>> update_account_auth_account "youraccount" "posting" "blockdeals" 0 true

The update_account_auth_account with 1 adds and the one with 0 removes

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