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Blocklet Specification Documents

You've found the Blocklet Sepecification documentation GitHub repository, which contains the content for the Blocklet documentation.

Topics submitted here will be published to the Blocklet portal.

If you are looking for the Blocklet GitHub repository, you can find it here.


  1. Blocklet Naming
  2. Feedback
  3. Documentation Issues
  4. Contributing to the documentation

Blocklet Naming

All blocklets under organization follow those naming rules:

  • DEMO

Any blocklet name with DEMO means this blocklet is built for simple demo purpose, usually the project itself is just the minimal barebone of the scaffold code. Demo blocklets have no useful features, only for demo.

  • Example

Any blocklet name with Example means this blocklet is built as an example to showcase the capability of Blocklet Server and Blocklet framework. The Example blocklets usually have useful features than those Demo blocklets, but may not stand for production quality.

  • Starter

Any blocklet name with Starter means this blocklet is a starter template or a boilerplate template for developers to quickly get started. The starter blocklets may include popular frameworks, tools, library code etc inside and ready to run but usually does not contain any specific features.

  • Deployer

Any blocklet name with Deployer means this blocklet is actually wrapped another project which makes it easy to deploy with Blocklet Server just like a native blocklet. e.g. we make Discourse, Wordpress just like a blocklet through the deployers.


If you want to give documentation feedback, please use the feedback control located at the bottom of each documentation page.

Documentation Issues

To enter documentation bugs, please create a new GitHub issue. Please check if there is an existing issue first.

If you think the issue is with the Blocklet itself, please enter issues in the each blocklet repo.


To contribute new topics/information or make changes to existing documentation, please read the Contributing Guideline.

The specification and code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license found in the LICENSE file.

Version 0.0.1
Status Work in progress
Created 2020-10-27


Blocklet Specification Documents







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