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EOSIO Smart Contracts Collection
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EOSIO Smart Contracts Collection

A collection of open source EOS Smart Contracts.

eosio contracts

Smart contracts that provide some of the basic functions of the EOSIO blockchain.

telos contracts

Smart contracts that provide some of the basic functions of the Telos blockchain.

elemental battles

Elemental Battles Tutorial Lessons.

advanced eos examples

A series of EOS contract development examples.

A simple forum and voting dapp for EOSIO blockchains.

eos stable coin

EOS stable coin contract.

eos nun-fungible token

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Proposal on EOS.

everipedia protocol

The Everipedia Network protocol.

bancor protocol

Bancor Protocol Contracts for EOS.


Ricardian contract bond, claim, and arbitration management system.


A Tamagotchi and Battle Game for EOS Blockchain.

eos knights

RPG game on the eos blockchain.


Infiniverse is an augmented reality digital world running on the EOS blockchain.

eos bank

EOS Bank (CPU rent contract).

bank of stake ce

A smart contract to enable CPU&NET leasing on EOS.

the blacklist

Blacklist smart contract for EOS Community. This contract is designed to be used both for ECAF and for active Block Producers on EOS.

eos guardian

EOS Guardian is an EOS smart contract aiming to provide safer fund management with proper permission settings.

signup eos eos

DApp for creating your own EOS account easily.

token dapp pub

A Bancor based utility-enhanced token protocol.

fair dice game

Open-sourced, rig-resistant and verifiably fair dice game.

eos dice

Open source bocai game.

eosbet dice

Roll the dice on the eos blockchain.

bet death causes

EOSBet attack analysis.

cron contract

Cron jobs on EOS.

eos dex

Simple decentralized exchange using eos smart contract.

eos trex

Smart contract for onchain decentralised exchange for eosio.tokens

ram token

EOS RAMtoken smart contract.

delphi oracle

The DelphiOracle contract acts as a multi-party source of truth, designed to provide the near-realtime price of the EOS/USD pair to other smart contracts or to external users.

eos yield

This contract demostrates how an EOS contract can be made immutable in a given period of time, without losing mutability forever. Such a mechanism guarantees immutability when trustlessness is necessary, with code changes possible with prior notice to users.

eos pixels

The first collaborative artwork on blockchain.

crypto ship

EOS smart contract for the cryptoship game.

king of eos

Contracts for king of eos game.


Lottery game on EOS.

eos timelock

Proof of concept contract to require delayed transactions.

eos blaster

Contract to load many deferred transactions for performance testing.

eos tokenlock

Lock tokens as a security measure.

eos shop

Prototype ecommerce contract for EOS.

eosdac token

The base eosio token contract used for eosdac based tokens.

dac proposals

The eosdac worker proposal contract.

dac custodian

The eosdac custodian election contract.

dac service

This contract will relay payments sent to it using a configurable time delay, by default it is 23 hours.

dac multisigs

eosDAC multi-signature proposal contract management.


EOS Contracts open sourced by EOSpace.


OWDIN-Port EOS Smart Contract ( Open World Decentric INternet ).

pro rating eos

A dapp gives rating data provided by prochaintech.

eos miso

A sample escrow contract responsible for managing share value and fund release based on project milestones, governed by the current share holders.


Simple EOS Management Application.

eos contract

Tutorial on writing smart contracts on EOS.

releif chain

Disaster Relief Supply & Distribution Blockchain.


Code examples showing how to use the Oraclize API on EOSIO.

smart city on steroids

Smart City On Steroids (Winner - EOS Global Hackathon Hong Kong 2018 - Greatest Social Impact).

eos blog

Simple Blog DApp built with React for the EOSIO Blockchain.

robot factory

Simple robot factory smart contract.

poll eos

Poll system smart contract on EOS.

ico manager

This code will assist in managing the distribution of your ICO. Whenever EOS is received, the token will be distributed proportionally inline with the setting configured.

eosmore voting and moment

Sample eos contracts for voting and storing a timestamp.

eos simple pacman

Starting contract for EOS Spore mini game built for Blockchain Developer Philippines' EOS session.

custom tokens

Custom Token tracking smart contract for EOS.

panda fun

Panda fun game.

eos tank demo

Simple multiplayer game.

eos toll

EOS Toll Gate Simulator.

stake for me

An EOS smart contract for solving deadlocked account issue.

proof of existence

EOS Proof of Existence.


EOSafe is an on-chain smart-contract based wallet which maximizes fund security and minimizes losses in the event of a hack.

eos atm

An EOS contract for safe fund withdrawals with daily limits.


Patroneos smart contract.

token time

EOSIO Token With Time Lock. Admin can transfer token to user anytime but user can transfer only when user have unlocked that token after 24 hour of first transfer between admin to user.

eos uber

This is a framework for making decentralised Uber/Taxi services on the EOSIO platform.

eos auctions

EOSIO Smart Contract for 1st and 2nd auction models.


The Shine contract goal is to enable the implementation of a recognition system based on praise and votes. Person (i.e. account) broadcast a praise to all other members. Each member (i.e. account) can then vote for this particular praise.

eos sc security best practices

This document aims to provide some security guidelines for developers of EOS smart contracts and list analysis of some known contract vulnerabilities.

eos known attacks

Repository of EOS Smart Contract known attacks to help devs prevent known vulnerabilities in their contracts.

gravatar cafe

Smart Contract for Simple Gravatars.


Simple messenger using eos network.

merkle proof

EOS smart contract to verify merkle proofs.

ducor eos

Ducatur oracles eos smart contract.

eos contract example

eos contracts example. check out erase contract.

eos contract test

eos contract test simple framework on local chain instance.


Squeakr is a demo application designed to showcase the power of privEOS. It is basically a simple form of Twitter on the blockchain, but all tweets are private. Only approved followers can see the tweets. The app pays for any privEOS fees. The service is free for the users.

eos encrypt

Allows to encrypt & decypt a message with an EOS key pair using AES shared key encryption mechanism.
Decryption is achieved by combining the receiver's private key and the sender's public key to create the private key necessary to decrypt the message.

eos delay

Delayed transaction.

eos scrow

Universal EOS escrow contract .



Read the contributing guidelines for details.


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