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Blocknet API Documentation

This repository contains the source code for Blocknet's API documentation website.

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Getting Started

Using Windows 10:

Download & install ruby+devkit 2.4.7 x64 from here

Download & install nodejs from here

gem install bundler -v 1.16.1
# from root directory of api-docs
bundle install
bundle exec middleman server

Using Linux or MacOS:

# either run this to run locally
bundle install
bundle exec middleman server

# OR run this to run with vagrant
vagrant up

Using Docker:

Download and install docker.

# build the docker image
docker build -t blocknetdx/api-docs .

# run from the root directory of this project
docker run --rm --name api-docs -p 4567:4567 -v $(pwd)/source:/srv/api-docs/source blocknetdx/api-docs:latest serve

You can now see the docs at http://localhost:4567. This will reload automatically when changes are saved.


  • Syntax - These documents use Markdown syntax.
  • Content - For better maintenance, the content is composed of separate files in source/includes/. Add new files to the docs by including the file name under includes: in source/ This also adds the content as a menu item.
  • Layout - The page template is managed with source/layouts/layout.erb and source/stylesheets/.
  • Formatting Conventions:
    • Styling:
      • Italics - Referencing menu/button text (Settings, Submit, Cancel, etc)
      • Bold+Italics - Word emphasis (available balances)
      • inline code - code, commands (servicenode list), calls (dxGetOrders), file contents (ExchangeWallets=), state (finished), parameters (dryrun) , files (blocknetdx.conf), directories (BlocknetDX/)
    • Naming:
      • Parameters - Lowercase, underscores (correct: order_id, orderid; incorrect: order id, order-id, orderID)
    • Spacing:
      • 10 lines separating each call
      • 2 lines separating each section within a call
      • 2 lines separating response types

See full wiki.


  1. Add notes to source/includes/
    1. Use the following header format:
      M/D/YYY    |
      ---------- |
    2. Replace M/D/YYY with the publishing date in said format.
    3. See past changelog entries for reference.
  2. Build the docs with the bundle exec middleman build command.
    • Docker to build docker run --rm --name api-docs -v $(pwd)/build:/srv/api-docs/build -v $(pwd)/source:/srv/api-docs/source blocknetdx/api-docs:latest
    • Docker windows docker run --rm --name api-docs -v %cd%/build:/srv/api-docs/build -v %cd%/source:/srv/api-docs/source blocknetdx/api-docs:latest
  3. Deploy build/ contents to staging site for testing.
  4. Deploy build/ contents to by copying all files and folders in build/ folder to docs/ folder, then committing the changes, then pushing the commit to the master branch of the api-docs repo on GitHub. On Mac/Linux, this step might look something like this:
cp -R build/* docs
git add .
git commit -m "publish changes"
git push

Note, if you don't have permissions to push to master branch of the api-docs repo, you'll need to push to a branch or fork of it, then make a Pull Request to have your changes merged to master branch.

Hint: If you haven't yet committed your changes to markdown (.md) files, and you want to review all your changes using git utilities like git status and git diff, you can exclude all the changes in the docs folder from being considered by these tools by temporarily adding docs/ to the .gitignore file.