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  • v1.5.0
  • ff22cda
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  • v1.5.0
  • ff22cda
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@blocknetdx-builds blocknetdx-builds released this Nov 12, 2019

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Block DX Setup Guide

This release includes:

  • The ability to clear cancelled orders from Inactive Orders with the "Clear Inactive" button
  • The BTC Market Pricing setting enabled by default
  • An Active/Inactive Orders tooltip (hover over the ? icon to view)
  • A bug fix for automatically downloading new configuration files
  • Support for new assets:
    • Badcoin (BAD)
    • BitBay (BAY)
    • Chaincoin (CHC)
    • Denarius (D)
    • FantasyGold (FGC)
    • Hatch (HATCH)
    • NativeCoin (N8V)
    • OPCoinX (OPCX)

Note: The Block DX 1.5.0 release uses a new signing certificate, which doesn't support auto-updating from version 1.4.0. For this release you will need to manually download 1.5.0. Auto-updating will continue working for future updates. See here for instructions on manually installing:

Checksums (sha256)

SHA256 (BLOCK-DX-1.5.0-linux.AppImage) = 77190dd4f393425439c81b577d9281503ef4313437f1123a018c57f935eecc51 
SHA256 (BLOCK-DX-1.5.0-linux.deb) = 8f81544181b893af2c8485ec3f251edb96add317924e37594c465c5dc7af87e6 
SHA256 (BLOCK-DX-1.5.0-linux.tar.gz) = a7e8632c6809d34e563cc32e004ca271b2686da309318b2c4589b4612a6e4518 
SHA256 (BLOCK-DX-1.5.0-mac.dmg) = 7ed43490287c4af444425d1490c68340fac96f56ed1509c54a01421f493cdb1f 
SHA256 (BLOCK-DX-1.5.0-mac.dmg.blockmap) = 40a2fddf48c95dce85300be648be2df5efeef43d860a0edce969817077213879 
SHA256 ( = e22ea92ae9d30756e00127b8a885f945b489c5a7e4f163f0fc41e1ba5554a280 
SHA256 (BLOCK-DX-1.5.0-win.exe) = c9064be79d1c682004ad1b9375a58c602520e83f3481f3abc606b13e952760a8 
SHA256 (BLOCK-DX-1.5.0-win.exe.blockmap) = 6fa7ea47c09aba0637e080e35e0ca8b73b25fdcc5f7ece1d32adc5aa570d10c9 
SHA256 ( = e10a9810cfd648f1d37d80f5407523e049b142c397b83c6e72c1c7e829e1fc4e 
SHA256 ( = 7635083a7b40961af68de87db82a4b598b3d326e8684dff2f8c0f3d92e7fc5bf 
SHA256 (latest-linux.yml) = 08900e1e866696a48000e0a8baa24ea09d0278edc6768aeac697ffb838f2854c 
SHA256 (latest-mac.yml) = 3d84c6eff8d559891edefa3516d5f314e261cdc0c6b5fe5f0b3110363583376e 
SHA256 (latest.yml) = 19b4842fd56efc14cb5a627c70f0f7e69798c5ae962106aa682df836030c349a
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